415TECH is a Meetup business network for
upwardly mobile and very interesting people.

415TECH is committed to social justice and sustainable growth. We provide free tickets and showcase opportunities to non-profit and community groups. We help tech workers engage in community service.

Our “I Love SF” Program provides access and visibility to solution oriented groups and organizations working on the some of the most challenging issues facing our city and region: poverty, homelessness, healthcare, affordable housing, workers' rights and sustainable growth.

We support local small and midsize business development, green business systems, arts & cultural groups, and all types of chambers, associations, incubators and meet ups.

As San Francisco is part of a global community of cities working on urban solutions and sustainable development goals, we also include local organizations and innovation labs doing international work.

Contact: Brian Webster / BWA • 415-243-8900 • brian@415tech.com

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