415TECH is a Meetup business network for
upwardly mobile and very interesting people.

Our members are passionate about new technologies and expanding their horizons.

We organize Meetup presentations by CEOs, CTOs, thought leaders and authors.

415TECH covers many verticals such as MobileTech, InfoTech, EdTech, VRTech, SpaceTech FinTech, HomeTech, GreenTech, and more.

We create value and opportunities for all our Meetup members.

415TECH people are today's crazy ones !

We call ourselves VIPs - Very Interesting People.

We are crazy, Innovative and engaged!

We are knowledge workers from all backgrounds.

We work in the intersection of the knowledge economy,
the network economy and social innovation.

Our neighborhood is local and global.

We have a have an expanded vision of upward mobility.

415TECH covers many TECH verticals!

Join our Meetup to:

  • Discover new innovative technologies & enterprises.
  • Engage one-on-one with upwardly mobile professionals.
  • Meet Founders, CEOs, CTOs, thought leaders and authors.
  • Access high value opportunities for career & personal growth.

Our “I Love SF” Program provides access and visibility to solution oriented groups and organizations working on some of the most challenging issues facing our city and region.


415TECH 1.0 was produced every three months in San Francisco from 1999 to 2001. It was well known as the largest regional Internet & IT business networking event during the Dot-Com boom days. 415TECH was sponsored by companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Silicon Valley Bank, Garage.com and media companies such as Fast Company, SFGate and the San Francisco Business Times. Authors such as Kara Swisher and Guy Kawasaki did book signings. The Mayor and industry leaders helped with our business card drawings. Average attendance was 1,500 very interesting people. See our 415TECH 1.0 Archive.


Contact: Brian Webster / BWA • 415-243-8900 • brian@415tech.com

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